Timothy Knight NRA Board of Directors

National. Proven. Grassroots. #knight4nra

I will maintain an office for members' letters as long as I remain on the NRA Board of Directors.  The address will be openly published here and will be updated should any changes be needed.   Currently that address is:

Timothy Knight
200 W.Martin Luther King Blvd.
Suite 1000
Chattanooga, TN 37402
United States

I considered accepting email as well but my experience with our 2013 Colorado recalls showed me that it's all too easy to inundate a mail server with meaningless (and often nasty) junk from anonymous, throw-away email accounts.  This sea of spam ends up drowning out legitimate communications, making those with real questions and concerns feel ignored and excluded.  I feel that a person passionate or inquisitive enough about an issue won't see it as too inconvenient to write or type a letter and commit to the cost of a stamp. I will also be visible; walking the floor of annual meetings, attending Friend of the NRA events and other events. So please come find me, I will have a name tag on.