Timothy Knight NRA Board of Directors

National. Proven. Grassroots. #knight4nra

Timothy Knight

Director - National Rifle Association of America
Currently serving in his 2nd Term 2018-2021

First elected by NRA Members in 2015 &
working with gun owners across the Republic since 2013

Pictures do NOT imply endorsement of Timothy Knight 

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In 2015 Timothy bucked the odds again and became the first non-celebrity petition-only candidate to gain a seat on the NRA Board of Directors in years. He was double nominated and reelected to a second term in 2018 and will serve the members until at least 2021. See his pledge to members. His grassroots connection with NRA members and willingness to work with others to succeed continues to be his hallmark. He is always out to earn it with members, fellow NRA directors and gun owners nation wide.  


Who is Timothy Knight:

  • NRA Board Member since 2015 serving on two committees: Currently Grassroots Development & Publications

  • A proven grassroots activist campaigning nationwide:
    2014 in CT, IA & CO
    2015 in VA
    2016 in NV, ME, SC, NC, GA & TN
    2018 in MT, MO, TN & GA

  • NRA Benefactor Member, Golden Eagle, Ring of Freedom Charter Member & Charlton Heston Society Ambassador.

  • Receives no pay or reimbursement of any kind

  • Founder & Architect of the 2013 Colorado recall movement

  • Served as a Colorado Mounted Ranger (sworn officer)

  • Enthusiastic supporter of Youth Shooting Sports & an Advocate for the National School Shield Program.

In 2013 Timothy Knight stunned the political world by leading a small group of political novices in beating two of the world’s most powerful political machines in two recall elections in one day. Both the Clinton and Obama ground campaigns, funded by two billionaires, could not save the President of the Colorado Senate and a fellow Senator from being recalled. Tim has not stopped his grassroots connection with citizens across the Republic since.

To the Republic for which it stands!

  • Benefactor Member & Board Member of the Tennessee Shooting Sports Association

  • Student of firearms: multiple graduate of Thunder Ranch & Gunsite (>15 classes) in pistol, rifle, shotgun, bolt gun and NFA firearms. 

  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer & Certified Pistol Instructor

  • 2014 NRA Grassroots Jay M. Littlefield Award Winner & 2014 NRA-ILA Defender of the 2nd Amendment

  • 15+ years small business owner

  • Eagle Scout and OA Vigil Honor. 

  • Long time Scouting volunteer with multiple awards & Wood Badge training

  • Grew up in a hunting & fishing family

  • Member of many associations & groups.

“The 2nd Amendment IS a nuisance...to tyrants, traitors, invaders and criminals.”
— Jeff Hays (Colorado Spring, 2013)